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Carn to Cove is Cornwall’s performing arts scheme for rural communities.  We fill our wonderfully varied community halls with poetry, laughter, music, drama, stories and dancing.  Local people choose the live shows they want to see and hear in their halls.  This means we have loads of variety for everyone across Cornwall. 

Carn to Cove works in close collaboration with Cornwall Young Promoters Scheme which enables young people to select and promote shows in their communities. Groups are springing up all over Cornwall!  If you would like to talk about programming work for young people in your venue or need help attracting younger audiences visit

The success of Carn to Cove is founded on the commitment and enthusiasm of the local promoters across the county. Tickets can be booked here or by calling your local hall on the phone number given on the events pages.

Please support your local volunteers who work so hard to make a great night out by making sure you are in the village hall on the night Carn to Cove comes to you!

If you are interested in joining our mailing list, our 200+ volunteers, or wish to enquire about including your community on the scheme, please contact us on 01209 312500.

Tim Smithies and Claire Marshall

Coming Soon

The Imperfect Pearl

Whitehouse Productions

The Imperfect Pearl is a Baroque musical drama, which tells the re-imagined life story of obscure Italian composer Domenico Zipoli, who left his growing success in Rome in 1717 to face an uncertain and dangerous sea journey to South America, and a precarious future in the Jesuit Missions of the South American jungle, modern day Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. For more than 200 years thereafter, his life was shrouded in mystery, until in 1972 5,000 pieces of his music were discovered in a Bolivian Church toilet.

Hear of his fascinating life accompanied by beautiful music from Italy and South America.

NB Please note the 'last minute' change of venue from Penryn Town Hall to Stuart Stephen Memorial Hall

Event Dates

Fri.22nd.May 2015


The Stuart Stephen Memorial Hall

Fri.12th.Jun 2015


The Centre, Newlyn

Event Picture

Those Magnificent Men

The Foundry Group

The thrilling true story of the first ever non-stop transatlantic flight as told by acclaimed writing duo Mitchell and Nixon.

Award winning theatre company The Foundry Group and BBC4 sketch group the Ornate Johnsons have joined forces for this brand new staging of the hit play about pioneering aviators Capt. John Alcock and Ltd Arthur Whitten Brown and their daredevil dash across the Atlantic in the tiny open cockpit of a converted Vickers Vimy biplane.

In this glorified kite they flew from Newfoundland through dense fog, sleet, snow and hail - sometimes upside down – to Ireland and worldwide celebrity. 

Event Dates

Sat.23rd.May 2015


Carleen Village Hall

Event Picture



support Cornish Rock Band 'Honey'

The renowned Breton Funk Rock band “Undergroove”  will play the Bank Holiday Saturday night at PZ Gallery !

  • Martin Capon - trumpet
  • Youn Lohmann - guitar
  • Joey Brusquet - drums
  • Thomas Hurtel - bass

Like  many  bands these days, they have been weighing up the pros and cons of physical and digital or digital only release of their first album. 

Plumping for a simultaneous physical and digital release funded by the blood sweat and tears proceeds of 40 gigs and a crowdfunding campaign,  they are now launching their 12-track album “Rythmicotractable” in Cornwall, courtesy of an exchange programme organised between Cornwall Music Forum and Collectig Tomahawk – A French band collective that Cornwall Music Forum is trying to replicate in Cornwall. 

All 12 songs on the album are new compositions which flirt between funk, groove, and modal tunes with contemporary sound add-ons.

"Producing the album was a dream come true, says the group. Working hard in the studio to complete the creative process and get our music published was a visceral ambition.  We like the idea of ​​having a real object rather than promoting only on the Internet”

Audiences are encouraged to dance to this funkin groove….

 Read article in 'Ouest France' about their first album 'Rythmicotractable'

Undergroove website


Support Band -  Honey

Honey are Sarah Marie Tyrrell, Ele Lucas & Sammy Downing from Cornwall.

We rock hard, playing our music up and down the country. We don't sleep much in the summer. We say yes to every gig. We say yes to every shot (we sometimes throw up).

On May 4th 2013 we released our debut EP "Suckle". It features 5 of our heaviest, sleaziest, nastiest songs. And the cover picture of a lady suckling a wolf caused a stir in the Christian community.

This year we recorded our debut album 'Weekend Millionaire'. The songs are bursting at the seams with unbridled energy. (If you've seen us live, you'll know).

See you soon. Sit on the sound and wriggle around.

Honey       facebook      Download 'Weekend Millionaire'


Get this hot ticket in advance - £8.00   (£10.00 On The Door)

Tickets in advance :
Standard :  £8.00                    (£10.00 On The Door)


Event Dates

Sat.23rd.May 2015


PZ Gallery

Mon.25th.May 2015


Miss Peapod's

Event Picture

A Bigger Show

Mike Westbrook & Company

Mike Westbrook & Company

The Uncommon Orchestra

A Bigger Show

music Mike Westbrook
words Kate Westbrook

“An exhilarating contemporary spin on the big band tradition” The Guardian

Composer/bandleader Mike Westbrook introduces his new big band at the Fal River Festival, and premieres a brand new jazz entertainment.

A Bigger Show has been described as a Jazz/Rock Oratorio. Kate Westbrook’s scenario uses the image of the fairground to examine, with irony, humour and high drama, the lot of Humankind in the age of the World-Wide-Web.

The 22-piece ensemble involves 3 vocalists/actors, acoustic brass and saxophones, electronics and a double rhythm section.

Kate is joined by fellow vocalists Martine Waltier and Billy Bottle, while the 22 piece Mike Westbrook & Company brings established Jazz musician together with lesser know artists, Pop and Rock musicians, Classical players and talented young musicians in a new kind of big band – the Uncommon Orchestra.

Featured soloists include saxophonists Roz Harding, Lou Gare, Alan Wakeman, Cornishman Andy Dore on trombone, Dave Holdsworth on sousaphone and pocket trumpet, plus the popular rhythm team of Marcus Vergette on bass, and Coach York on drums.

“Britain’s most innovative Big Band leader” The Wire

Supported by Airshaft Trust

Mike Westbrook   website 

Tickets in advance :
Premium : £20.00 **
Standard  : £12.00     
(£15.00 On The Door)
Students & Under16s : £8.00    
(£10.00 On The Door)

** (Premium package includes Reserved Seats -Front of auditorium, Free drink, plus an opportunity to "Meet & Chat to the Musicians")

Full Band Line-up

  • Kate Westbrook & Martine Waltier voice
  • Billy Bottle voice & bass guitar
  • Roz Harding, Sarah Dean, Alan Wakeman, Lou Gare, Gary Bayley, Ian Wellens saxophones
  • Mike Brewer & Sam Massey trumpets
  • Dave Holdsworth Sousaphone & trumpet
  • Andy Dore, Stewart Stunnell, Joe Carnell, Ken Cassidy trombones
  • Marcus Vergette bass
  • Jesse Molins & Matthew North guitars
  • Theo Goss & Coach York drums
  • Mike Westbrook piano

Event Dates

Mon.25th.May 2015


Events Square, Falmouth

Event Picture


Black Fish

With possibly the finest combination of acting writing and directing Cornish Theatre has to offer, Alaska is wild, wacky & wonderful entertainment!

With a list of credits to their names as long as your arm, or your leg, or your leg and arm together, acting legends Craig Johnson & Giles King perform Alaska, written by the amazing Carl Grose and directed by the omnipresent and prolific Simon Harvey.

"Alaska" is a show like no other - a riot from start to finish!

Alaska takes you to one of the last great frontiers of the modern world.   A land where steam freezes, fish have mastered cryogenics and the Yukon River can make you disappear.

But faced with “a piece of the good life” the reality is no picnic, with plummeting temperatures, technical disaster and virtually no practical skill Alaska is a story of one man’s carefree, joyous journey which becomes a nightmarish plunge into extreme survival, overshadowed by all things dead, alive and Alaskan.

Alaska is an odyssey of epic proportion challenging our views on modern living for a life all of us would rather have, big or small.

Suitable for 10 year olds and over.

Don't miss the trailer - get your Pippy Nuts here!


NB - At the moment, this event is showing as possibly Sold Out.  We're waiting to hear if any more tickets will be available.  You can add your name to the Waiting List by just clicking to book a ticket. You'll then get an automatic check to add your request to the Waiting List.


Event Dates

Wed.27th.May 2015


Perranporth Memorial Hall

Event Picture

Salt Road

Anna Maria Murphy & Bagas Degol

An evening of stories, music and songs of journeys, emigration, and those who wait on shore from writer Anna Maria Murphy (Kneehigh Theatre, BBC Radio 4, C Scape Dance, Rogue Theatre) and musicians and composers, Bagas Degol, following the Salt Road around the coast of Cornwall.

Cod Joliff, fisherman, finds a mysterious diary written by his great great great Grandfather, Ebeenezer Joliff, who had gone with his two brothers to preach in Tierra Del Fuego.

Cod goes on an epic journey to discover the secrets hidden in the diaries pages.

Come to Salt Road and find out who kissed like a limpet and what Caleb Joliff saw in an iceberg.

An evening of original stories and music about the sea and how it shapes us, those who leave, stay behind and come back.

A Cornish Odyssey around our coasts and Salt Roads.

Made specially for Cornish feasts, halls, festivals, sundry venues both usual and unusual.

Event Dates

Sun.14th.Jun 2015


No.8 Cafe, Launceston

Event Picture

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