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Archive: Lila Dance workshop opportunities

Following a sell-out national tour, Lila’s spectacular dance theatre experience returns to Cornwall, and this time the deluge threatens Newlyn.

There are reports of loLila Dance - The Delugecal residents hearing a crack so loud it shook the town, and then shuddered out to sea. As the shoreline retreats and dusty sirens start to wail, local residents know they must head for higher ground before the sea might return, bigger, and higher- a wall of water.

Four people arrive in the safe-house. Whether the building will withstand the wave, they don’t know – no one does. With only the clothes on their backs, they find themselves asking what had been lost, and what was there left to lose? But in these darkest hours they start to understand how these strangers, and the contents of a mysterious unclaimed bag, might offer them all the hope, and the love they need as the sea returns. In this intimate and immersive dance experience you will enter the safe-house and walk amongst its residents grappling with this new reality. Watch as the world around you reveals 4 lives
which are given an emotional counterpoint by a supporting community cast, an evocative soundtrack, fearless physicality, and new writing.

We need dancers to take part in this incredible experience. Anyone from the age of 9 upwards will be able to work with the cast in 2 daytime or evening workshops on 5th and 6th, and then a final rehearsal and performance on Friday 7th April.

Workshop times

Younger dancers (Aged 9 – 11)

Wednesday 5th April 2017: 10am-2pm

Tuesday 6th April 2017: 10am-2pm

Older dancers (12+)

Wednesday 5th April 2017: 5pm-8pm

Tuesday 6th April 2017: 5pm-8pm

All dancers

Friday 7th April 2017: Warm-up  & Rehearsal 4pm-4.45pm, Dress run 5-6pm, Show 7.30pm


To take part you must be able to commit to all workshops and to perform in the show.

Other information


The costume for the extended cast is everyday clothes that can be moved in. The dancers should look like everyday people rather than wearing a costume that looks like a dance costume! Lila have a lot of clothing that we can layer the older dancers with but the little ones will need to sort their own costume. This is not something the parents need to go out and buy, simply something they can move in from their current wardrobe!

As the work is set in Autumn, it is good to wear a costume that gives this feel, we have some scarves and jackets that we layer on. So participants are welcome to think visually. It would be great if you could bring your costume ideas to the first rehearsal so this can be sorted and make sure you can dance in it.


Please bring a packed tea on Friday.